Accessibility links is no longer available and has been replaced by The Good Exchange ( was Greenham Common Trust’s web platform for charitable projects to seek funding and charitable giving. The platform was funded by the Trust in its entirety for 4 years and was free of charge for all charitable projects and funders who used it. Whilst FMAG was successful it had its limitations:

  • Limited geographical area
  • Funders information was limited and no funding offers could be made
  • No grant administration system for funders
  • Limited charitable project profiling
  • Match funding could only be undertaken by Greenham Common Trust and not by other funders

Benefits of The Good Exchange. The Good Exchange was built by funders for funders and charitable projects. It is designed to promote transparency and enhance fundraising and giving to local charitable projects with the vision of getting projects funded quicker. The main benefits of using TGE are:

  • Automatic matching of a single application to many funder grant schemes
  • Auto-matching of projects to funder grant giving criteria
  • Transparent grant management and fundraising website
  • Promotes local fundraisers and donations
  • Co-funding and match funding opportunities by registered funders
  • Enables national funders to register and support local community projects
  • Lowers the administrative burden for both charitable projects and funders
  • Social outreach – enhance funding and awareness through social media

The Good Exchange is wholly owned by The Greenham Common Trust and The Good Exchange is a Not-for-Profit organisation where surplus money it generates is returned to local charitable projects. Due to the investment and significant running costs, TGE places a 5%+VAT fee on all charitable projects which includes all transaction costs associated with giving. This is better than other fundraising web platforms where transaction costs are often excluded from their platform 5% fee. The Good Exchange releases the funding to a project on a monthly (or better) basis and passes on all donations and grants less the 5%+VAT fee for that transfer. The platform does this as otherwise it would require to set up an escrow account and then take its fee at the end of the period of fundraising which is not advantageous for any project.

Transition of Find me a Grant to The Good Exchange

The Good Exchange has been live since 1 Sep 16 and all projects listed on have been migrated across to the new platform. If you had an account with Findmeagrant, select ‘Login’ and then ‘Forgotten Password’. Please enter the email address for your Findmeagrant account and choose a new password. You will then be able to view your new account.

Good luck with your fundraising

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